Friday, August 9, 2013

You know what day it was...

                    Beads I would take for all of Manhattan

Too many opossums? Countless as pocket knives; hard to view our
world without them, even harder, a necklace, opossum teeth and pearls
around your neck on your way to work that September morning. I was

the pendant your heart wore; me, a balding animal you loved more than
opossums or pearls or that perch, your cage of glass and steel, a Tower too
high for our eyes to meet when I stared up at you, nor you, down for me to

catch you when you jumped. I may have looked different then, wavy hair,
a pelt, legs so close to the ground, teeth clenched tight as any opossum’s fifty;
hands, claws useless to snare your falling heart, nor you, my love, my jewel.

                                                            B.Koplen 8/8/13

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