Saturday, August 10, 2013

Would you join a club that promises to be fun?

Unexpected delivery            Regarding my writing, you may have sensed I’m a loner, usually unapologetically independent but always interested in other points of view. Often, I’m able to gain greater insight by encountering opposition. Overarching almost any issue that is the focus of such meaningful debate is a shared quest for truth. Without that, discussions that deal with controversy would seem one sided.

Pieces of truth must be gathered from wherever they’re found.

At times, collecting those pieces involves confronting feelings or thoughts that are attached to inanimate objects. The stronger that link is, the more valuable that object becomes.

That’s one reason I enjoy attending auctions. Often, I sit next to someone who has won a bid and I ask how they knew to bid enough to win. Often, I’m surprised to hear them say, “I just wanted it, so I bid until I got it.” They hadn’t consulted an expert nor had they researched a similar item on the Net.

However, those who know the value of what they want seem to have more clarity. At least one friend does, a friend who collects steins, beer mugs, mostly from Germany. What he didn’t know was that, while on a recent trip to Manhattan, I had found and bought an old one that I thought he would love.

Thursday afternoon, I delivered it to his home. At least I tried to. No one answered my knock. So I set the stein on the stoop in a spot that was well hidden. Although I didn’t leave a note, I thought he might call to ask whether I knew how it had gotten there.

He didn’t.

Around midnight, I finally e-mailed him about what I had done. Then I went to sleep.

At seven a.m., I found a wonderful message from him, written at about 1:30 a.m.:

And what a treat it was!!!!!!!  I went to the B & H auction tonight pretty much after 8 steins, one particularly I aimed to have. I was willing to go a hundred. Then DAMN they sold them all for one money. I had to drop out at $110. I was heartbroken. Then I come home and discover
Friend Barry had left a grand one on my porch!!!!How cool is that! How right-on timely. THANK YOU!
I was also LUCKY at the end of the auction. I won the hundred dollar drawing! Oh yes I did!

Receiving such a wonderful message was a treat. How could either of us have known we would contribute matching parts to a story that had grown bigger than any either of us could tell?

Indeed, we could not have known.

That’s why I’m toying with an idea, one that could be beneficial and extremely enjoyable. Here it is: I’m thinking about creating a group called Givers Anonymous. Members will actively look for small projects to sponsor or small gifts to give to people in need. Of course, there are many who could be considered “people in need” who aren’t needy at all in a financial sense. Nonetheless, a timely small gift could bring a smile, a bit of warmth, an antidote to loss.

Should I start such a group? Or should I just continue my search for the occasional mug?

                                                            B.Koplen 8/10/13 

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