Saturday, April 28, 2012

a celebration!

                                      64 and counting!

We wanted better news, an all-we-are-saying headline
bordered by peace lily silhouettes, a sprout of Israeli
blue and white flags on Independence Day;

a world aligned in Hatikvah harmony. No missiles from Gaza;
no quarrels about its capitol, Jerusalem; Pollard freed; no naqba
chorus; no Jews to boycott the country

they loved. Yet, on Independence Day, our roll call of its drum rolled
honor guard, its martyred angels, stalls. Disbelief spreads; we
celebrate with caution the hunted share,

unlike July fourth, its fireworked exclamation. We dodge real rockets,
Goliath neighbors who never pause nor never die, it seems;
there is no day unstained, unmarked by animosity.

Still we celebrate. Weavers of peace,
our children learn to revel, to rail like King David
at the crescent moon, as it looms.

                       B. Koplen 4/27/12

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