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Subterfuge    When I wanted to learn, firsthand, about the Palestinian Solidarity Movement and its larger umbrella organization, the ISNA, I signed up to attend, as a participant, the PSM Conference held at Duke University. Unlike me, many Jews protested instead; they stood outside with their placards and pamphlets. Since I was on the pre-registered list, I was allowed inside where I was treated like one of the supporters of the Palestinian cause .

Inside, many were wearing Arafat style kaffiyehs or were selling anti-Israel t-shirts; still others were soliciting support for the boycott of Israel. All of them seemed to have forgotten that the President of Duke had promoted the weekend long Conference as an opportunity to create a healthy dialog. “What a numbskull he is!” I thought, as I leafed through my packet of information about classes being offered the following day. One of them was blatantly offensive; its purpose was to teach how to take over a campus newspaper.

As I said, I was undercover; Duke’s President had been hoodwinked. (Please see: Palestine Solidarity Movement Conference Speakers Attack Israel at ... www.adl.org/israel/psm_duke.asp  Oct 20, 2004 – Duke University: Target of Anti-Israel Activists ... 2004, for the fourth National Student Conference of the Palestine Solidarity Movement (PSM).)

More than seven years later, a friend, Sidney, mentioned a presentation by P. David Gaubatz, author of a book I had purchased long before, Muslim Mafia [ISBN: 978-1-935071-12-5]. At the time I bought the book, I hadn’t thought I would ever meet Gaubatz, a former agent of Air Force Special Investigations.

In a room along with a few dozen others, I listened intently as Gaubatz explained how he and his son infiltrated CAIR and uncovered its connection to the Muslim Brotherhood and their purpose, i.e., to undermine “...our Constitution to eventually replace it with Shariah law.” (p. ii)

Details of such underhanded methods and subterfuge fill the book. Nonetheless, “A NOTE OF CAUTION FROM THE AUTHORS,” states clearly that the Muslim Mafia “...is not a book about Islam or Muslims in general.” The cautionary note continues:

It is about the threat from Shariah Islam and violent jihad propagated by a criminal class of Muslims known as the Muslim Brotherhood or the “Ikhwan mafia.” This secretive organization dominates most established Muslim groups and mosques in America while exploiting, manipulating, and even victimizing law-abiding Muslim Americans. Only a small part of the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims are part of this dangerous group. This book is about them.

What makes this such a compelling read is its documentation. Gaubatz and his son captured “...reams of exclusive documentary evidence” that included “...several boxes of confidential files obtained legally, if clandestinely.” That information consists of “...more than twelve thousand pages of documents that collectively amount to a smoking gun linking the nation’s preeminent Islamic lobby group to terrorism, fraud, and sedition.” (p. iii)

“We’ve only been allowed to make use of about 500 pages so far,” Gaubatz told me. “Soon, the court will rule on whether we can use the other 11,500 pages.”

How soon will that be? It’s difficult to say, especially since CAIR is fighting to suppress its release. Nonetheless, the documentary evidence in Muslim Mafia is, to say the least, unsettling. It details with alarming clarity the nefarious work of CAIR and those affiliated with it.

To think that there are 11,500 more pages to be revealed is gut-wrenching. My hope is that, before the eleventh anniversary of the World Trade Center massacre, Gaubatz will be well on his way to compiling Muslim Mafia, Part Two.

In my essays to follow, I will write about many of the most shocking trails I followed as I read his first part. Please allow this to serve as my warning that reading my coming articles may cause you to feel that you’ve been cheated and lied to; indeed, you may suffer a sense of betrayal that the Duke President never admitted because he felt he acted in good faith.

If only he could have read Muslim Mafia before deciding to allow the PSM Conference...

                                 B. Koplen 4/3/12

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