Tuesday, November 13, 2012

beyond our light speed orientation...

Can this be?       For years, I’ve told people about my close encounter with a flying saucer. Not once, but twice. In fact, minutes after it zipped away, it returned and I was able to get an even closer look. That was decades ago when I was with three other men at Smith Mountain Lake.

Many doubt my story; to them it’s as if I’d told them I’d seen a pair of ghosts. What I’ve finally realized is that there’s a question that must be answered about my sighting. Unfortunately, until today, I didn’t know what the question was. Or is.

This is it (I think). “What did you learn?”

That’s it. Those dubious listeners believe that I must have learned something as a result of having seen the extraterrestrial vehicle.

Until this evening, I didn’t understand what I’d learned. Nor did I realize that their belief was blocked because I hadn’t confronted that question.

Although I think I can put it into words, those words may be shocking. The reason for that is that most objects are said to move relative to the speed of light (186,000 miles per second!).

Thanks to WIKIPEDIA (see “Speed of Light”), I’m led to believe in the infallibility of that standard:

…From these equations we find that the speed of light is related to the inverse of the square root of the permittivity of free space and the permeability of free space.
A consequence of this fact is that nothing can go faster than the speed of light. Another consequence is that for objects that have weight, no matter how much energy is used to increase the speed of an object, it will get closer and closer but it will never reach the speed of light. These ideas were discovered in the early 1900s by Albert Einstein whose work completely changed our understanding of light.

Now, hold on to your seats! I’m not an Einstein, but I saw his assumption shattered as a result of the performance of the UFO’s I observed. Here’s why:

The flying objects I witnessed (twice!) defied Einstein, his theory, and gravity--- with ease. As they came and went, I noted their warp speed and their silence.

My UFO was travelling beyond the speed of light. It was travelling at the speed of time.

Of course, you’ll want to stop me and say that time is only a concept used as a measuring device. You’ll contend that time is neither a wave nor a substance made of particles. “It lacks dimension,” you might add.

Up to a point, you may be right. As long as light and its waves are the standard, time remains contented to hide behind its curtain. But my thought is that, once past that barrier that light represents, time changes.

It acquires shape and dimension.

In short, it seems that what I’ve learned is that, as long as we insist on doing battle with light and its limited speed, we won’t see time.

We won’t be able to determine its dimension(s).

As implausible as that might seem, it may be that we have sensed it as our spiritual world, a world beyond light that is only time, an eternity of it.

As always, I’m open if you have a better theory; I’d like to hear it.

I just wish you’d been there with me that night I saw the flying saucer(s)!

                                                B. Koplen 11/13/12

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