Wednesday, October 10, 2012

taking notice...

Shockers!       It wasn’t a dream I wanted to share.

After a tiring day, I’d planned to get to sleep before 10:00 p.m., and awaken at 3:00 a.m. to drive my daughter and son-in-law to the Raleigh Durham airport. And I did. What I hadn’t expected was a dream about our ride out of town on Route 86 until a right turn across from Pope’s Tire Company, a short cut to I-40.

While on the short cut, a deer ran in front of me. Strangely, in my dream state, I took that as a warning to take the longer route.

But I didn’t say a word while we drove toward Pope’s. At about 4:15 a.m., I took the short cut anyway. I traveled more slowly, carefully studied the brush on the poorly lit two-lane road. Minutes later, I merged with I-40 and its 65 mile per hour speed limit.

By that time, my passengers were sleeping in the back seat. As quiet as they were, I knew our conversation had ended. Due to last minute packing, they’d barely slept before leaving.

I’d wanted to ask whether they knew about Mel Gibson and his drunken tirade against Jewish people. Since my daughter and her husband are orthodox Jews from Jerusalem, I wondered what they knew. Chances were that their community in Israel had little knowledge of Gibson.

If so, they wouldn’t have shared my surprise when I’d played an old copy of Lethal Weapon 4. Near the end of the movie, Mel and his movie girlfriend (who was about to give birth), decided to marry. Less than a minute later, an unsuspecting Rabbi was asked to perform the ceremony. I was shocked until I checked to see that the movie had been copyrighted in 1998. Perhaps, Mel’s anti-Semitism blossomed after that.

I’d hoped my kids might know. But there was quiet in the back seat.

I shifted a little and adjusted the rearview mirror as I glanced at a sign for exit 272.
Those movements took seconds; no cars were on the road. But, when I returned to look straight ahead, I saw in the periphery a small buck.

He stared at me, only a few feet from my car; he was slightly crouched, antlers tilted. I swerved just enough to miss him. But I didn’t panic.

I’d been warned he might be there.

                               B. Koplen  10/10/12
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