Sunday, September 23, 2012

In denial?

Confirmation      Our endless apologies that followed misdeeds at Abu Ghraib failed to appease the Muslim world. So, too, American prisoners at Guantanamo Bay had become celebrities; many railed against their supposed mistreatment. Our leaders promised action, humbled themselves. We were sorry for what we had done to Muslim combatants.

Since many we have released have returned to their militant jihad, I’ve had to question the value of our self-flagellation; our persistent Muslim enemies have never followed our example with apologies or contrition.

In truth, our wrongdoings seldom match theirs. Acts that are so horrific can cause us to shut down and deny them. Such was the case with Jessica Lynch. [Jessica Lynch - Wikipedia, the free  encyclopedia "I was captured, but then I was OK -]

After being an Iraqi prisoner for a week, she was freed. But Jessica wasn’t O.K. Details from the Wikipedia article may cause some to wince: The authorized biography, I Am A Soldier Too: The Jessica Lynch Story, by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Rick Bragg states that Lynch had been raped in the three hours she was unconscious during her captivity, based on medical records and her pattern of injuries.[16] Lynch does not recall any sexual assault and was "adamantly opposed to including the rape claim in the book," but that Bragg wore her down and told her that "people need to know that this is what can happen to women soldiers".[17] [my emphasis]

Although I hadn’t expected to know any more about Jessica’s abuse, I was shocked to hear that it had been even worse. “When she was released, I was there,” a retired special ops soldier told me. “She had been brutally raped, although she’d claimed to have been unconscious. But that wasn’t the worst part.”

I wasn’t sure I wanted to hear what might have been worse. Scenes of torture in movies are too hard for me to watch; I braced for gruesome details.

“Her bed was positioned so that her window faced a soccer field goal post. Every day, under that goal post, one of the soldiers captured along with her was beheaded. Their remains were buried on the field near the goal posts. She watched as soccer was played on top of those makeshift graves.”

I shuddered. In my class, earlier that morning, my students and I had heard about CAIR (council on American Islamic Relations) and their ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Speaking to us was the author of Muslim Mafia, David Gaubatz.

“Everything I’ve written [in the book] is based on documents taken from CAIR headquarters. Those are but a fraction of what we obtained. The remainder we gave to the FBI. In time, they will be returned to us.”

Then, Gaubatz assured me, there will be a second, perhaps even more revealing sequel. That made me wonder. Muslim Mafia had named Congressmen with ties to CAIR and had detailed their wrongdoings. “None of them have sued me,” he said. “They can’t. Everything I wrote came from the information we retrieved. All of it is documented.”

As if to emphasize that, Gaubatz mentioned what CAIR had stated when they challenged his right to publish details from the documents that his son, working undercover, hadn’t shredded as he’d been ordered to do by his CAIR supervisor. “In front of the judge, they said that those documents were theirs, not ours. That meant we didn’t have to prove to the judge the connection of those items to CAIR.”

As for the rest of the more than 11,000 documents, those may paint an even clearer picture of CAIR’s intentions regarding what has come to be known as their stealth jihad they share with the ikhwan, the Muslim Brotherhood.

By now, all of us, unless we are blocked by denial, should know what that is. It’s a form of civilizational jihad. Such words may be hard for some to read. Nonetheless, a researcher who works with Gaubatz sent this to me:

It's not that we haven't been given fair warning, either: the 1991 Explanatory Memorandum, in law enforcement hands since 2004 and widely available to the general public since the 2008 Holy Land Foundation HAMAS terror funding trial, states quite explicitly that the MB intends to "destroy the Western civilization from within" "by their [our] hands..."

Then they even provide a list of their organizations that were then already operating in the U.S. There are many thousands now.

Another document that's been in the hands of Western law enforcement/security for a long time now is the one called "The Project." This one was seized from the Swiss villa of key MB member Yousef Nada shortly after the attacks of 9/11.

It's another revealing look at exactly how the MB intends to conquer Western civilization - in stages, by a gradual, stepped process modeled after Sayyed Qutb's "Milestones," itself an essay about the original Muslims and in accord with Islamic doctrine on abrogation and progressive revelation.

So, the real take-away for us in the Egyptian example is that, while violent jihad historically is the preferred method for Islamic takeover, the stealth jihad can be even more insidious, and therefore dangerous, to societies unaccustomed to methods that turn their own freedoms and openness against them…

More than ever, it’s impossible for me not to think about what happened to Jessica Lynch while she was unconscious.

                   B. Koplen  9/23/12

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